Game for sale

Through the years we've built up our breeding herds so we can offer a wide range of game and wildlife species for sale. Offspring from these herds can be provided to clients in order to supplement their own stocks.

Du Preez Wild complies strictly to permit conditions of the Ministry Environment and Tourism, and of the Directorate Veterinary Services.

Du Preez Wild applies for all the necessary permits such as veterinary movement permits and export and import permits from Ministry Environment and Tourism. Should a client wish to import animals from Namibia to any country we need the import requirements for the new destination as well as an import permit from the requesting country. The export permits will all be handled by Du Preez Wild. Please note that valued added tax is payable on all wildlife.

For animals exported to another country, the buyer has to pay the valued added tax in his country before animals can be transported to their new destination.

Permit conditions

Buyers from foreign countries must apply for a veterinary import permit as well as an import permit from their nearest nature conservation office. Once the buyer has obtained these permits the originals can be couriered to Du Preez Wild. On receiving the import permits Du Preez Wild can then apply for the export permits from the veterinary department as well as the Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism.